About Us

The Jewish Lawyers Guild is an organization of lawyers and jurists founded in 1962 upon fellowship and faith in tradition. As the organization grew, it began hosting an annual dinner, where it confers awards to jurists who exemplify the qualities of Benjamin N. Cardozo and Golda Meir. Guild activities include lectures , programs and tours of interested throughout the year that are of interest to the legal and Jewish communities, including an annual program in remembrance of the Holocaust. The Guild also hosts a bi-annual Sukkot Celebration, and Chanukah Party where gifts are donated and later distributed by members to children who are hospitalized with serious and often life-threatening diseases or conditions. The Guild participates in the Judicial Screening Panels, and provides a CLE program for its members.  The Guild also funds two scholarships at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law.

 The Jewish Lawyers Guild’s success has far exceeded expectations. Over the years, we have helped to build bridges of goodwill that have led to a greater understanding and cooperation between  our members and the community.  Dinners from the 40th Annual Dinner were donated to DOROT- a nonprofit organization that provides food to senior citizens in the community, and we offered our humanitarian assistance by funding a mobile breast examination bus for JALBCA.  We also participate wth JALBCA in the Komen Race for the Cure, a cause that has helped touch the lives of millions of women with breast cancer.

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