Children's Hospital Thank You

Thank You

Dear Sirs & Madams,

In the name of tens of families in the New York metropolitan area, I want to thank you for your unbelievably generous donation from your recent event at the New York Hilton.

For the past 25 years our organization has worked with kosher caterers to capture leftover food at large weddings, conventions , Bar & Bat Mitzvot, Passover hotels and other events. Since our inception we have picked up and distributed food from more than 5,000 events. All the food that we pick up is distributed to needy families who approach us for food. Our organization has no paid employees with all of our work done by volunteers. We have been collaborating with Mauzone Caterers and Main Event for more than 20 years and we have rescued millions of pounds of perfect food from their parties.

Your dinner was especially gratifying to us. Throughout the past weeks we were inundated by phone calls from people requesting food for the upcoming Purim holiday. The calls came from people who have literally no food in their houses. One family of five had eaten only bread and jam last Wednesday and Thursday. I was very depressed , thinking of how families such as these could celebrate the most joyous holiday on the Jewish calendar with nothing to eat.

But you and Mauzone came to the rescue. At 7:30 Monday night,  when you completed the buffet dinner and entered the ballroom, our crew entered the kitchen area and packed up all the excess food in our disposable pans. More than 50 large pans of delicious meat, chicken, fish and all other delicacies were loaded into our van and transported to one of our distribution sites in Rockland County. Unfortunately,  my vocabulary is too limited to adequately describe  reaction of some of the recipient families. Tears of joy was streaming down many faces. You transformed sorrow to happiness.

On behalf of tens of families and hundreds of people, i want to thank you for providing them with Purim Seudot and additional food that they will enjoy for weeks.

You have helped fulfill the saying “To the Jews there was light and gladness, and joy and honor”. You have enabled these families to celebrate Purim with merriment and most importantly with dignity.

May you and your families enjoy the upcoming Purim with the realization that you are fulfilling the Mitzvah of Matanot L’Evyonim & Seudat Purim in the truest sense. A heartfelt thank you.



Benny Wechsler 

Executive Director

Edible Leftovers Inc.
29 Ross Avenue
Chestnut Ridge, N.Y. 10977